Venturi Injectors Price in Kenya

Venturi Injectors are devices for supplying fertilizer to plants with ease of application and balance.

The Need for Fertilizer Injectors

With these simple devices, you can greatly minimize and save on the cost of manually applying inputs on farms. Another necessity of venturi kits arises from the need to save time and allow faster absorption of nutrients by crops.

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Cost of Venturi Injectors in Kenya

The cost of of Fertilizer Kits varies depending on the size of the injectors.

Size of the Venturi KitPrice (KES)
25 mm KES. 2,000
32 mm KES. 3,000
50 mm KES. 3,600
63 mm KES. 4,500

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Venturi Kit Pipes and Design

A venturi kit has a special pipe that has a constriction in the middle. The pipe narrows from both sides towards the center where it receives fertilizer from the suction tank.

The suction tube is connected to the inlet part in the middle of the pipe.

Once water enters the venturi pipe, it flows faster and thus pressure reduces. The drop in pressure causes the soluble fertilizer to rise and mix with water.

The mixture is then supplied to the drip lines.

How to choose a Fertilizer injector

Getting the right size of a fertilizer kit needs to consider the pressure, flow rate, and size of an injector. For a proper balance in supply of fertilizer to the system, choose an injector that can work under the pressure of the system.

Benefits of Venturi Injectors

Uniform Fertilizer Injection

Fertilizer kits feed a uniform ratio of fertilizer mixtures into the drip irrigation system. The pressure and speed flow allow equivalent suction speed to ensure the required concentration of the mixture is attained.

Allows for Maximum Efficiency

Venturi injectors reduce the wastage of fertilizers that can occur during manual application.

Reduces the Cost of Labor

Use of fertilizer application kits reduces the cost of applying fertilizers.

Venturi Injectors are Environmentally Friendly

They are made of quality plastic materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Allows for an Increase or Reduction in the Rate of Fertilizer application

Venturi injectors have valves designed on them to allow for increasing or reducing the amount of fertilizer fed into the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Venturi injector?

A venturi injector feeds fertilizers into the drip irrigation system. The device allows the fertilizer mixture to get into the water supply system

What is the size of Venturi injector are available?

Venturi Fertilizer injectors are available in sizes of ¾ to 2-inch sizes.

How do I choose the right injector size?

Consider the pressure, flow rate of the venturi injector. Available from ¾ to 2 inch sizes you can get the required size for your irrigation system.

How much is a Venturi injector in Kenya?

Venturi Injectors costs between KES 2,000 to KES 6,000 as per the size.


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