Shade Nets in Kenya​

Shade Nets for Agriculture

Excessive heats damage plant leaves and causes excessive water loss, a situation which can result in wilting and suffocation of plants. Air circulation is important in cooling and providing necessary gases for intake by plants for photosynthesis. Polyethene fabricated nets treated with anti UV chemicals make it possible for plants to obtain air and prevents excessive solar heat from damaging plants. Pests and birds can also attack crops in turn affecting the harvest. Shade nets hence provide shelter for crops. 

Features of Shade nets

Features of Shade Nets in Kenya

  •  Density:Shade nets have different rates of thickness in terms of hole sizes, starting from 30%-110% percent. The lower the percentage of density, the higher the rate of UV heat penetration and vice versa.
  • UV Resistance : Shade nets protect plants from UV radiation since they are made from UV treated plastic materials.
  • Colour:Shade nets are available in black or green colour.
  • Size : Our shade Nets are available in 4 m width by 50 m length

Factors to consider when choosing crop shading

  •  The crop resistance to solar rays and rains
  • The crop stage – At nurseries, crops might need shade nets

Shade Nets for Vegetable Production

Vegetables seedlings and plants thrive well under the optimal temperature of Shade nets.

  • Tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • peppers 
  • garlic are grown under shade nets. Vegetables will require shade nets of 55% percent density to allow enough sunlight for plant growth.

Shade Nets for Flowers Production

Cut flowers such as roses, carnations, pyrethrum, and Chrysanthemums can be grown under shades nets. Shade nets for flower production have about 40 % density to enhance sunlight penetration for development of flowers.

Shade Nets for Fruit Production

Several fruits such as passion fruits, strawberries, and grapes are ideal for growth under shade nets to prevent birds and insect from damaging the produce. Passion fruits are grown under shade nets with a density of 35%.

How does shade Nets works?

  • Reducing Pests and diseases -Shade nets protect plants from damage by insects such as locusts.
  • Protection from UV radiationShade nets prevents direct sunlight and heat from coming in contact with plants. UV radiation has high heat intensity, which can damage plants.
  • Water retention – Shade can also allow minimum water loss from plants and soil since less evaporation is experienced.
  • Preventing animals and birds – The impact of domestic animals and birds in plant damaging is significantly reduced. 

Cost of Setting Up a Shade House for Nursery

The cost of constructing a shade net depends on the size of the shade house and the density of the material. The farmer will however incur other costs such as purchasing or availing construction poles, cement, and gravel for a permanent shade net structure.

Main Specifications of Shade Nets in Kenya




Density/UV-filtration density

Black or Green

4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length)

35%, 55%, 60%, 75% and 90%

Shade Nets Prices Kenya

Shade rate (Filtration rate %)

Length (meters)

Shade Net Price (KSH)


4 × 50 m15,000


4 × 50 m



4 × 50 m



4 × 50 m


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Where to buy Shade Nets in kenya

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Shade Nets in Kenya


  • Tree and vegetable seedlings, flowers, foliage plants, medicinal plants, spices, and tissue culture plants are all grown in the shade. You can also use our nets as car parking shades, chicken shades, and other similar applications. Net farming is also profitable to cultivate crops such as strawberries or start a profitable nursery business. They are also crucial because they act as greenhouse nets.

  • Used to keep insects at bay on the farm.
  • Controlling plant evapo-transpiration.
  • Choose the best shade net material for your crop.
  • Build a suitable shade net house or support the net 2 meters high to cover only the top.
  • It is simple to clean.
  • UV treated with 5 years life expectancy
  • Nets are lightweight and simple to set up.
  • If necessary, it is simple to relocate to new structures.
  • They are great for gardens, plant nurseries, and home-gardening on terraces.
  • Conserves water by producing a shade effect comparable to that of a plant canopy.
  • Plants are protected from pests and diseases.

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