Rain hose Irrigation

Rain HoseKits in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Rain Pipe Irrigation is a modern method of watering plants that resembles overhead irrigation but has pipes laid on the ground to supply water using pipes drilled on the upper surface. Water is supplied under high pressure and is released in the form of rain to all parts of the farm.

Rain Hose Kits

  • Water source
  • Water tanks
  • Tap connectors.
  • End Caps
  • Mainline pipes
  • Supply water from the source to the rain hose pipes.
  • Rain Hose pipes- Come in different sizes depending on your farm size

This method is more convenient than drip irrigation especially due to the uniformity in water outreach to all parts of the garden. The process of setting up Rain Hose irrigation is much easier compared to drip irrigation which requires a lot of pipe connections. It takes less time to irrigate a farm using rain hose pipes due to high pressure applied.
The minimum pressure required in rain hose irrigation is 30m per head.

How to Set up Rain Hose System

  1. Fit the mainline pipe to the ground.
  2. Connect the Hose pipes to the mainline pipes.
  3. Join the Hose pipes together. This is done by used of connectors fitted at the ends of two pipes and glued together or held by plastic clamps.

Price of Rain Hose Kits

Diameter (mm)

Length (m)

price in (KES.)










Where to Buy Rain Hose Kits

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Rain Pipe fittings

32 mm Rain hose irrigation tape

It is usually 32 mm or 1 Inch with a length of 100 meters and radius of 3 mm. It is also perfect for a variety of crops and is very portable. Utilizes the following rain hose fittings;

Rain pipe prices in Kenya

The cost of rain hose irrigation depends on the size of the pipe. The rain hose irrigation tape sizes are 32 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm. However, the 32 mm rain hose tape is mostly preferred. The prices are as follows;

Size  Price  (Ksh)
32 mm         3,400
40 mm         4,700
50 mm         5,500

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Rain Hose Irrigation

Installation process of rain Pipes Kit in Kenya

  1. Site preparation.
  2. Plan the layout.
  3. Place the main pipe at the necessary angles and positions.
  4. According to the crop spacing and distribution per bed, manually drill holes in the rain hose’s direction.
  5. Connect the adaptor and rubber to the main pipe.
  6. Stretch the rain pipe in the specified farm to be irrigated.
  7. Before closing, the end plugs on the rain hose and the main pipe run water to flush the particles from the system
  8. At the end of the main pipes and rain pipes, insert the plugs.
  9. To ensure the proper water flow, add a control mechanism to the rain hose system.
  10. To test the system, connect your pump to a water supply and open the control valve.
  11. Fix any errors that occurred during installation.
  12. Enjoy farming with a rain pipes system.


We have the best quality rain hose irrigation kits at Aqua Hub Kenya.

  • Our rain hose irrigation tapes are UV-treated.They are available from 1 inch to 1,1/2 inches.
  • They are simple to install and maintain.
  • Irrigate using both a high water pump pressure and gravity flow.

Rain Hose Irrigation is spray irrigation method where water is converted to rain forms through drilled pipes.

Rain Hose irrigation is cheap, easier to install and maintain than sprinklers and drip irrigation methods

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