HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya

HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya

HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya |Arid and Semi-arid areas receives less than 500 mm of rainfall annually, which cannot sustain agriculture and crop growing.

In areas with poor water retention soil, you can reinforce the water sustainability of your dams quality purpose dam liners.

What is HDPE Dam Liners?

HDPE Dam Liner is a hard High density Polythene plastic material sheet that is placed on the ground surface of water reservoirs or dams to act as a water retaining medium. The Dam liner material is waterproof and hard to resist the force of water from breaking or tearing it apart.

HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya

HDPE Dam Liners by Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub is a reputable supplier of quality and dam strengthening liners. Our Dam liners are made of High-Density polythene material that is UV treated.
We conduct follow up to ensure good progress of our farmers projects.

Why HDPE Liners from Aqua Hub

Our dam liners have proven efficiency over time with good progress reviews from our esteemed customers.
The water stored using Dam Liners can last for a long time depending on the usage rate of the stored water.

Features of HDPE Dam Liners

  • Made of High-Density Polythene material.
  • It is stable and hard.
  • It is heavy and resistant to shear and wear.
  • New resin Polymers are the primary material in the manufacture of HDPE dam liners.

Uses of HDPE Dam Liners

  • Dam Liners are mainly useful for storing water for future use in irrigation systems during dry seasons.
  • Dam Liners are applicable in building and Construction to prevent underground water from breaking the concrete in places with shallow water levels.
  • Fishponds are also lined with dam liners to preserve water.
  • Dam Liners can also be folded to make Greenhouse gutters.
  • Lining tanks or concrete foundations also needs Dam liners as a waterproof material layer.
HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya

HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya

Gauge/ Thickness (mm)Cost per square meters
0.30 mmKES. 210/-
0.50 mmKES. 240/-
0.75 mmKES.330/-
1.00 mmKES. 410/-

Where are Quality HDPE Dam Liners Sold in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya Ltd deals in Quality HDPE dam liners. We sell brand-new dam liners and material covers at affordable prices. Call 0790719020 or email info@aquahubkenya.co.ke. for more inquiries.

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