Fishpond Liners For Sale in Kenya

Fishpond Liners For Sale in Kenya

Fishpond liners are common in areas with highly permeable or less compact soil which allow high rate of drainage of water.
Rainfall is not reliable for fish farming as you may face challenges during the dry seasons. Therefore, pond Liners can collect water and retain them for continuous fish farming at all times.

What are Fishpond Liners?

Pond liners are plastic polyethylene materials for lining fishponds to prevent water loss by that can occur through underground seepage.

Why you need Pond Liners

Are you a fish farmer? If not, you might be interested in starting fish farming. Here are the reasons you need a fishpond liner.
Sandy Soils are not suitable for fish farming and require the use of dam liners or pond liners.
Fish pond Liners in Kenya can help reduce soil erosion by collecting surface run-off water.
In other cases, some soils may contain high PH levels thus unsuitable for fish farming. A pond liner will prevent the acidity of the soil from contaminating fresh water stored in it.
HDPE pond liners are made of thick UV treated polyethylene materials thus capable of lasting for a long time.

Fishpond Liners Specifications

  • Our Pond Liners are made of High Density Polyethene material covers.
  • We have various thickness levels of Pond Liners. 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm.
  • Available in black colors
  • Sizes of 8 m by 100m.

Features of HDPE Pond Liners

  • High Density – They are heavy to enhance stability while holding water in a pond liner. Cannot be blown away by wind or carried by waves of water.
  • Flexible – HDPE Pond liners are flexible, they can fold and fit to various shapes of a pond.
  • Durability – Higher span of longevity. Ranges from 10-50 years depending on the thickness level.
  • Hard covers – pond liners have a rigid surface that resists frictional wear and tear.
  • Tensile Strength – HDPE pond liners can withstand high force of stretch and pull hence suitable for holding heavy weights.
Fishpond Liners For Sale in Kenya

Benefits of Fishpond Liners| Dam liners in Kenya

  1. They provide a leak proof water availability in fish farms and ponds.
  2. You can keep doing fish production continuously so long as the fishpond liner is under good maintenance.
  3. You have many choices of thickness levels depending on the texture of your soil.
  4. HDPE Liners are hard and can withstand UV radiation because they contain UV treatment.
  5. They are environmentally friendly due to zero carbon emissions.
  6. Pond Liners are non-reactive or non-pollutant to the water.
  7. They are not harmful to the life and growth of the fish species you are producing.
  8. HDPE Pond Liners offer a better surface for breeding fish. They can absorb heat and warm the water near the ground surface.
  9. Zero maintenance and operation Costs. Once you install and fence your pond the pond liner remains functional until you remove it.
  10. You can get affordable fishpond liners in Kenya. Aqua Hub Kenya deals with quality pond liners at affordable prices.

Choosing Fishpond Liners (What to Consider)

  • Size of your ponds
  • Durability of the liner – choose UV treated pond liners by buying from reputable companies.
  • Thickness level of a pond liner – 0.75 mm liners are suitable for fishpond lining.

Fishpond HDPE Liner Prices in Kenya

Thickness of Pond Liner (mm)Cost (KES)
0.3 150

Fishpond Liners Supplier in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya
We are among the top suppliers of fishpond liners for sale in Kenya. Our pond liners are quality and customizable for all dam sizes.

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