Greenhouse Fabrication in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the ideal supplier of greenhouse profiles in Kenya. We also offer greenhouse fabrication at affordable costs in Kenya.

Our expertise in greenhouse construction includes technology in steel profile fabrication and welding.

We improvise steel profile bars and metals to form standard and custom structures for ultra-durable greenhouse construction.

Why Greenhouse Fabrication?

Greenhouse Steel tubes should be fabricated to fit into the structure required. For instance, arches for the roof are curved from straight steel tubes to obtain a tunnel shape.

How to Fabricate Greenhouses Structures

Fabrication is the assembling steel tubes and bending or designing them as per the requirements of your structure. If you need tunnel structure greenhouses, you will need curved Steel pipes for roofing.

We use hydraulic steel bending machines to make arches for roofing greenhouse structures. An operator controls the machine to ensure that it creates proper curvature of the required radius.

Curving and joining roofing profiles make them strong and stable for constructing greenhouses.

Fabrication of metals for making entry porches. The entry porch prevents direct entry of air thus slowing down the effect of wind entering from the door.

Choose the size of a greenhouse structure you want so that we can determine the number of profiles to fabricate.

Which type of Metals Fabricate for Greenhouses?

Steel is the preferable metal to use in greenhouse construction due to its strong and durable nature. However, we can also fabricate other metals such as aluminum or iron, and reinforce them with paint to make them last longer.

We source greenhouse structures from popular quality steel suppliers in Kenya. Our priority is fabricating greenhouses to ensure you have a generational growing structure.

Greenhouse Profile Fabrication in Kenya

When it comes to fabrication and installation of greenhouses, Aqua Hub Kenya does it better. Our profiles are resistant to corrosion and environmental damage. Therefore, we can assure you of long-term strength in your structure.

Our completed projects are over 1000 successful installations of both wooden and metallic structures in Kenya.

Greenhouse Profile fabrication

Cost of Greenhouse Fabrication in Kenya

The cost of fabrication of greenhouse structure is inclusive of the cost of purchasing greenhouses in Kenya.

The cost of greenhouses in Kenya depends on the size of the structure. Our prices are as follows:

  • 8 x 15 m -210,000
  • 8 x 24 m – 275,000
  • 8 x 30 m – 330,000
  • 16 x 30 m – 600,000

Get Greenhouse Fabricated Structure and Other Materials from Aqua Hub Kenya

We are the best greenhouse fabricators in Kenya and reliable supplier of Greenhouse materials.

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