Fertilizer Injector in Kenya

Fertilizer Injector in Kenya

Fertilizer injector(s) are kits that direct or inject liquid fertilizers into a drip irrigation system for easier and convenient supply to plants in a farm.

You can apply enough fertilizer rates to your plants without exceeding the required limit or applying less amount of fertilizer.

Aqua Hub Kenya has affordable fertilizer injector kits that are effective for feeding your plants with nutrients for quality growth and development.


  • Available in sizes of ½, ¾, 1 and 2 inch.
  • Fertilizer injectors are the best methods to apply fertilizers to plants as they enhance equal distribution.

Components of a Fertilizer Injector

  • Bypass
  • Pump – enhances suction of fertilizer from the tank and directs it to the drip lines.
  • Suction Assembly – Connects suction pumps and driplines to enhance supply of the soluble fertilizers.
  • Valve Control
  • Fertilizer tank – Where you mix fertilizers for suction to the drip irrigation system.

How Does it Work?

These injection Systems does not require energy or fuel to operate.
The fertilizer injector works through the principle of pressure difference in fluids. As water flows through the bypass connection in the dripline, a pressure difference between the outlet and the inlet of the fertilizer injector is created.
A low-pressure vacuum inside the suction assembly which causes soluble fertilizer to rise up and flow to the drip lines.

Benefits of Fertilizer injector

  1. It has an adjustable valve controller that enhances the regulation of amount of fertilizer you inject to the system.
  2. You can ensure equal supply of fertilizer and nutrients to your plants.
  3. Makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients at the required time. Once fertilizer flows to the soil plants can start absorbing them.
  4. It saves on labor cost and maintenance.
  5. Simple to operate and install.
  6. Fertilizer injector allows plants to be fed with fertilizer and at the same time supplied with irrigation water.
  7. Time saving
  8. It is durable and UV resistant in nature
  9. Does not react with fertilizers

Choosing a Fertilizer Injector

To get a proper fertilizer kit, consider the size and flow rate of your driplines.

Flow rates and injection rates of a fertilizer kit should match so that you don’t supply your plants with very low concentrations of fertilizer or saturated levels.
High fertilizer levels can affect your crops and on the same note lower fertilizer content leads to slower growth rate.

Cost of Fertilizer Injector in Kenya

  • 25 mm = KES 2,000.
  • 32 mm = KES 3,000
  • 50 mm = KES 3,600
  • 63 mm = KES 4,500

Where to Purchase a fertigation Kit

Aqua Hub Kenya

Call 0790719020

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