Dam Liner Repair and Welding Services

Despite the waterproof and tensile nature, dam liner still can develop leaks and thus they require frequent repair and maintenance to avoid intensive water loss.

Common Causes of Dam Liner Damage

  • Leakages due to poor joining or welding during installation.
  • Sharp objects such as stones, sticks, and other tools falling on the reservoir cut the dam liner.
  • Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall damages the dam liner. Heavy rainfall causes flooding which removes the material from the dam. It can at times cause it to develop punctures or bury the material with silt.
  • Wrinkles or folded points in a dam liner develop punctures or holes.

Essential Tools and Materials for Dam Liner Welding

  • Welding Blower or Machine
  • Scissors for cutting the liner
  • New Dam liner materials for repair

Welding Techniques for Dam Liner Repair

Welding is a method of joining dam liners together or repairing worn-out parts using a hot wedge blower or welding machine.

Torn parts of a dam liner are fixed by melting small pieces of the material and leaving it to dry and stick thus forming a seal.

A welding machine binds together two pieces of dam liner materials. It is effective for large pieces of dam liners.

Steps to Repair or Weld Dam Liners

Identify the holes or Leaking Parts of the Liner

Find out the leaking points in your dam liner. The water is completely drained out or at very low levels.

Pump Or Remove any Existing Water in the dam Liner.

If there are any pools of water remaining, pump them so that you can easily identify damaged parts of the liner.

Clean the parts to Weld or Repair

Using clothing, clean the torn parts of the dam liner to remove mud and water. Wiping makes the process of welding easier and more effective.

Cut out a small piece of Dam liner to cover the worn-out parts.

Obtain small cuts that fit the torn parts of the dam liner from the material reserved for repair.

Weld the Dam liner.

Using a hot air welding blower, heat the edges of the torn dam liner parts while pressing the pieces to join above it. Rub gently, leave it to cool, and form a seal.

Tips for Effective Repair of Dam Liners

  • Carefully monitor the underlying dam liner to identify all the torn parts that require welding.
  • Ensure you remove water, mud, and any other obstacles.
  • Connect the welding machine to a reliable power supply

Dam Liner Suppliers in Kenya

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