Crop Propagation Shade nets

Crop Propagation Shade nets

Crop Propagation Shade nets offer a protective shield to crops from outburst burns and wilt occurring from extreme conditions of sunlight and humidity.
High rate of sunlight can cause wilting and drying of leaves in some crops and flowers. Similarly, cold conditions can cause some fungal and leave drying conditions in certain crops.
It is therefore important to apply shade nets which work effectively to balance temperature conditions to an optimum level that can sustain high crop production.

Specifications of Shade Net

  • 35%, 55%, 75% and 90% levels are available.
  • UV treated HDPE fabric.
  • Green and black colours
  • Dimensions of 4 x 50 m.
  • Roll packages
  • Light and Knitted mesh appearance.

Crop Propagation Shade Nets : Explained

Aqua Hub ensures that shade net materials are suitable for use, handling, and installation by our worthy clients. We describe the physical and non-physical features of our shade nets to enable client trust and experience.
Different percentage levels of shade nets exist from 30%-90%. All of them are suitable for agricultural applications of various crops depending on sunlight requirements.
Knitted shade net fabric is a material bonded with HDPE component that has a UV treatment added on its material. This means that you can use your shade nets throughout the year, in the presence of good or bad weather.
Stable and strong strands of knitted shade net ropes enhance maximum resistance to tear and wind damage. This strength is important to withstand heavy winds that are often a problem to greenhouse structures. Areas of heavy winds and high humidity require lower quality and strong high shade net filtration levels to curb wind effect on crops.

Choice of Shade Nets

Finding the right shade net for your crop is a challenge to farmers, most of them do not know which percentage for their crops. While there are several choices and percentage levels, consider asking for help from an expert or ideal suppliers.
The most important factor to consider is the suitability of the shade net to your crops. If you are growing a crop with high sunlight requirements, go for a lower percentage level. The cost price is also a factor to consider but is the least one because the range of price differences between shade net percentages is small.
An additional thing is the durability of a shade net material, with a certain percentage how long can you use it for crop production? Normally, the reason behind durability is the material of the shade net. Consider a UV treated shade net, it can last for a long time before it starts getting damaged.

Where can you Apply Shade nets?

Shade net mainly work as agricultural nets in greenhouses and shade houses. The design comes with a proper air and light permissive surface for plant cultivation.
However, you can still use shade net for restricting sunlight in other applications such as car parks, solar dryers, warehouses and fish ponds.

Durability of Crop Propagation Shade Nets

Our nets beat the adverse effects of weather for a long time, normally exceeding 5 years. The colour remains intact with its mesh structure still in good condition so long as it remains under proper maintenance.

Cost of Purchasing Shade nets

The average prices of our shade net materials solely rely on the size and percentage level of the material. The higher the shade net percentage, the higher it will cost you. The more you pay, often has more impact in protecting your plants in return.

Shade Net PercentageCost (KES)

Where to Purchase Crop Propagation Shade nets in Kenya

Get quality shade nets from aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices of KES 16,000 to 36,000. Percentage levels of 30 to 90 %.

We have been involved in shade net supply for more than 5 years, and our experience in handling, supply and installation is excellent.
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