Best Irrigation Water Pumps in Kenya

The role of water pumps in irrigation is to move the water from the source to the farm or place of use.

Irrigation Water Pumps by Aqua Hub

Irrigation pumps are extensive in range of pressure ratings, types, and sizes. This may lead to a dilemma in the decision of which pump is right for your irrigation model. But here at Aqua Hub, we are happy to help you land an effective pump for your water needs.

Our pumps are available for versatile applications prioritized for irrigation and water supply systems.

How to Choose an Water Pump to Invest In

According to the irrigation system you have, the pump you will need varies. That’s why we have a variety of irrigation water pumps such as centrifugal, booster, submersible, and diaphragm pumps. The properties of irrigation water pumps including pressure rating, size, use, and power consumption are other guidelines on the best one to choose.

10 Reasons to Invest in Water Pumps

1. Water Pumps are Essential for Irrigation

Water pumps are effective devices to avail water to crops. Due to insufficient rainfall, irrigation is essential to enhance adequate crop production.

2. Pumps Reduce Labor Cost in irrigation

Irrigation pumps make water supply easy and convenient. It reduces labor costs and time taken to manually carry water.

3. Energy Efficient Options are available

Pumps are energy efficient to use for moving water. Effective water pump types such as solar pumps are available. You could save more energy and cost of running high energy consuming pumps.

4. Numerous Options are available to Choose from

You can acquire a water pump that matches or is within your penny. With the numerous options, you won’t strain your financial budget at all.

5. High Pressure Irrigation Methods require Pumps

As most crops do well under irrigation, most irrigation systems require pumps to operate the way they are required. For instance, sprinklers require water pumps to release water under high pressure.

6. Pumps help meet Flow rates and distance of flow

To achieve a high discharge rate and maximum flow distance, water supply systems require pumps. Pressure losses occur in pipes and thus booster pumps are applicable to aid in the required force to push water.

7. Irrigation Pumps are good for Remote areas

Irrigation water pumps are for use in any place especially remote areas where electricity is out of reach. Diesel or petrol pumps operate in such areas.

8. Ability to move water uphill

Water pumps provide the power necessary to supply water even on hilly terrains. Therefore you can irrigate slopes and turn it to productive land.

Top Water Pump Brands in Kenya

Honda Water Pumps

Honda pumps are popular due to their excellent engine capabilities and excellent performance. They are effective for a variety of water supply applications including irrigation.


Known for its quality and highly durable pumps. They have different types of pumps with high flow rates and suction capabilities suitable for a wide range of uses.

Aico Brand

These brand types are affordable for irrigation needs as they consist of both diesel and petrol pumps. It exists in different types and sizes with reliable performance and high flow rates as well.

Other water pump brands available in Kenya include Carlton UK, Power Italia, Tiger, Dayliff, and Koshin.

Tips for Maintaining Water Pumps

It is important to understand how to maintain water pumps to ensure they last long. Common maintenance tips involve the practices and guidelines to follow for proper use and performance. The main tips for maintenance are.

  • Adhere to the recommended source of power. For example, a petrol engine pump strictly uses petrol and not any other fuel type.
  • Always check the flow rate to note any changes or issues.
  • Check on the power consumption rate regularly.
  • Monitor the water level of the pump regularly to ensure it does not result in dry runs.
  • Ensure the float switch operates normally to avert any flooding in buildings or damage to submersible pumps.
  • You also need to check the quality of water frequently as it may change and sediments sucked into the pump.

Where Can You Find Quality Water Pumps in Kenya?

Quality Irrigation Water Pumps are available at Aqua Hub Kenya for less cost compared to other suppliers.  We have submersible, surface centrifugal, diesel and petrol pumps are suitable for irrigation.

Call 0790719020 to ask or make orders.

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