8 Best Drip Kits in Kenya 2024

Acquisition of quality irrigation accessories has become a challenge to many growers due to customer exploitation by brokers. Brokers supply poor quality and expensive drip kits which makes clients irrigation farming less productive. The second shortcoming of buying from a middleman is the wrong information they give clients on how to use the accessories.
To avoid this, a client should buy drip kits from top brands like Aqua Hub Kenya to ensure effective irrigation systems.

Best Drip Kits Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya LTD has the best Components for drip irrigation Kits in Kenya. Our drip lines and accessories are pressure compensating and durable.

8 Best Drip Kit Requirements you will need

To install and work with drip irrigation there are several products you should acquire to set up your drip irrigation system. Here are 8 best Drip kits in Kenya.

      1. PN10 -PN16 HDPE Mainline Pipes – Can be HDPE or PVC pipes for connecting the mainline pipe setup. Should have a bigger diameter size than other sub-mainline, emitter pipes and delivery pipes.

      1. Connectors – Connect pipes to other components, pipe-pipe, pipe fittings, etc.… Different types of connectors are available for various connection roles. Examples include drip connectors, tees, elbows, end caps and adapters.

      1. Control Valves – For regulating the flow of water to various farm sections in a farm or field. Includes ball valves, check valves.

      1. Drip lines or Emitters – Emitters are the specific pipes for supplying slow and steady water droplets to crops. Normally have small emitter holes spaced in a uniform space along the entire pipe surface. Spacing available from 15, 20 and 30 cm hole.

      1. Water Filtration Kits – Special plastic containers with mesh filters to trap dirt particles in water supply in drip irrigation systems. We use filters to prevent drip emitters from clogging to ensure water reaches crops. Different sizes are available to choose from considering the size of your drip irrigation system.

      1. End Caps – Works as pipe end closing seals for preventing water loss at ends of pipes and drip lines.

      1. Saddle Clamps – Can work on behalf of Tee connectors or parts where there is need to make branching connections from mainline supply pipes.

      1. Male or Female Adapters – for connecting pipes to ball valves or water filters where possible.

    Guide to Buying Top Best and Affordable Kits

    What to consider while buying drip kits always matters with quality and size of the drip irrigation kits you require. With consideration to the number of kits the farm needs, there is also a need to look at other factors that play a part such as;

        • Quality of the Drip Kits – Matching the needs of your drip irrigation system to the efficiency that comes with drip kits from quality brands. Examples Aqua Hub is a well-known Brand.

        • Durability – We provide assurance for long term performance of our drip irrigation kits. Our drip accessories are UV treated and pose minimum risk to UV radiation.

        • Flow rate – get to know the flow rates of our drip kits so that you can consider the better layout and emitter spacing you require. Consult us 0790719020

        • Crop Type – Drip Kits sizes and requirements can be different per farm size and crop type. Consider the crop that matches with a certain drip layout and emitter spacing.

      How do we Price Our Drip Kits?

      The farm size dictates the number of drip kits and total cost you will spend. For example, an acre of a farm can work with either 1,2 or 3 drip lines per bed. Therefore, you need to choose the specific number of lines that works for your crop.

      Drip Kits Prices in Kenya

      Best Drip Kits in Kenya

      Drip Kit Suppliers in Kenya

      Aqua Hub Kenya, the leading supplier of climate smart irrigation systems in Kenya.
      Call 0790719020

      Drip Kits in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

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