Agricultural Plastic Mulch Paper for Sale

Mulching papers make up accessories that promote climate-smart agriculture. Plastic mulch paper is a PE material with high UV resistance.

You mulch papers of different colors; black, silver, white, blue, green, etc., …

The length of mulch paper rolls can reach up to 100m, your farm determines the size you need to buy.

Mulch Paper Technical Data

  • Made of Polyethylene Materials (PE), UV treated for radiation resistance.
  • Rolls come in 100m long sizes.
  • The thickness of a mulch paper ranges from 10 to 300-micron level.

Mulch papers contains moisture in the soil for a long time. The waterproof structure of mulch films enables them to prevent evaporation that occurs from excess sunlight.

How good can mulch covers impact the soil structure?

Spreading mulching films can avoid surface run off from eroding the topsoil. As you know, topsoil is the key fertile layer of the soil. Mulching preserves fertility and in the end makes growing of crops faster and much easier.

How to Select a good Mulching Cover

Choosing mulching covers is not a walk in the park as it may seem. You must identify a material that protects your soil and is safe for environmental use.

To select the best mulching paper, consider the thickness of the film, crop type and size requirements. Obtain the mulch paper that can fill out your entire planting lines. It will prevent weed growth and competition for moisture and nutrients in plant lines.

To hold mulching films in place, you can cover it with soil layers in between plant lines. The sections or soil surfaces along plants in the crop lines left covered with plastic films alone.

Mulch Paper Vs Organic Mulch

Mulch PaperOrganic Mulch
Artificial polythene materialNatural materials such as leaves
Non-biodegradable thus does not require replacementBiodegradable hence requires replacement
Cannot be carried away by the soilCan be carried away by heavy surface run offs
Covers the soil entirelySome parts of the soil is left uncovered
Has no fertility or leaching impactOrganic mulch can decay to form organic matter or result to plant leaching

Which Crops Require Mulching?

Did you Know? Not all crops are ideal for mulching. It makes huge impact in short crops that experience retarded growth due to weeds activity.

Vegetables such as cabbage, kale, spinach, tomatoes, and capsicum.

Strawberry fruits are also ideal crops to cover using mulch papers.

How to Lay Mulching Paper

Several ways of laying mulching paper may be available but the ideal one is covering the edges with soil.

The paper requires punching at various intervals that correspond to plant spacing distances. Punching makes holes for plants to protrude from.

Installation of Mulch Paper on the Farm

Unpack the mulch paper roll and lay from the start of the plant lines to the end. You may need someone or something to hold the paper at the start point for ease while laying.

Making holes on the Films

 The size of holes you make on the paper depends on the type of crops to be used with. For instance, smaller vegetables such as cabbage are not expected to grow big stems and requires smaller holes.

You need caution to avoid damaging the material or accidentally making big punctures that may expose the soil.

Benefits of Mulch Paper in Farming

  • Mulching covers increases yield of production in vegetable and fruit use.
  • Application of Mulch covers enhances faster maturity of crops.
  • Maximum moisture and nutrients are retained in the soil due to protection from erosion and sunlight
  • It cuts down the cost of weeding and herbicides.
  • As you keep on using mulching paper, you avoid the practice of chemical use. In the end the soil is safe and fertile for growing.
  •  It makes the soil warm and hastens the growing periods in high value crop farming.

How Much is a Mulch Paper in Kenya?

Mulch Paper price depends on the size of the roll and thickness level of the material. We have 80-micron mulch paper at KES 45 per square meter.

Plastic Mulch Paper by Aqua Hub Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has the best choices of plastic mulch paper in Kenya. We are advocates for artificial mulching at low cost.

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