Adjustable Button Drippers for Irrigation in Kenya

Adjustable Button Drippers for Irrigation
Adjustable Button Drippers for Irrigation

Adjustable Button Drippers for Irrigation are plastic button-like fittings that regulate water flowing in drip line pipes in a drip irrigation system.

Why Adjustable Button Drippers for Irrigation?

Uniform water distribution to crops in a farm or orchard can sometimes be a problem. Some crops or sections of the farm can experience slow growth and may even fail to produce the anticipated level of yield.

To balance the supply of water and maintain an effective production at a cheap cost, a farmer must adopt a mechanism/irrigation system that can enhance water regulation.

Crops Suitable For Adjustable Button Drippers

  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Avocados
  • Mangoes
  • Rose flowers
  • Paw paws
  • Tree tomatoes
Button Drippers in Kenya

How Button Drippers Work

Button drippers enable the rates and amount of water flowing to a plant to be controlled by opening or closing them. The rate of water released by the dripper can be increased or reduced by adjusting the button dripper.

How to Install Button Drippers

  • Lay the HDPE line pipe on the ground
  • Make holes on the HDPE line pipe using drip line puncher. Ensure the holes are placed on an average of about 18 inches apart, depending on the crop type.
  • Fit button drippers on the holes you have made and connect to the mainline pipes.
  • Start the water pump or taps to test the water flow in the button drippers.

Advantages of Adjustable Emitters

  • Made from UV resistant materials.
  • They are made from plastic materials, thus cannot be affected by corrosion or harsh climatic conditions.
  • They are hard fabricated accessories which cannot easily break or wear out.
  • They are cheap and easy to maintain as they come at very low costs.
  • Plants receive enough water for growth.

Cost of Adjustable Button Drippers

The cost of adjustable button Drippers is 15/= each.

Area Size in sq. MetresCost in KES.
1/8 Acre ( 512 sq’m)KES. 22,000
1/4 Acre ( 1024 sq. m)KES. 35,000
1/2 Acre ( 2048 sq’m)KES. 55,000
1 Acre ( 4096 sq’m)KES. 105,000

Where to Buy Adjustable Button Drippers in Kenya

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