7 Best tips to Select a Dam Liner in Kenya

Best tips to Select a Dam Liner

Choosing Dam liners is often tricky especially when purchasing it for the first time. Most people are less aware of these materials thus they should know the 7 best tips to select a dam liner in Kenya. There are quite a few dam liner vendors and suppliers in Kenya, but few uphold what a customer often needs in a dam liner.

7 Best Tips to Select a Dam Liner in Kenya

Consider the Supplier

Aqua Hub Kenya LTD is among the best suppliers of quality dam liners in Kenya with an best tips to select a good dam liner. We supply dam liners of thickness levels ranging from 0.3 mm to 1 mm sizes. Our dam liners are end products of UV treated polythene, PVC materials and low-density polythene materials.
All these materials have proven to be strong, rigid, and flexible to enhance it can work effectively in various water applications.
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Choose an Ideal thickness Size.

When it comes to selecting a dam liner, 4 thickness levels of dam liners are available; 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1 mm. Liner thickness means that they are applicable for various soil and water purposes. For a lower thickness level, the liner is suitable for smoother soil surfaces and smaller dams or reservoirs. On the other hand, for higher thickness levels, a liner is good for rough or rocky surfaces and good for larger dams or projects.

Choose the Size that Matches your Dam

The extent or measurement of the dam you want to install a dam liner is of absolute importance. The reason is because dam liners have standard sizes which correspond to a particular dam size. If your dam is bigger, you can still install it by welding two liners to fit the dam. Dam liners of higher thickness level are more stable when joined by welding than smaller thickness levels.

Best tips to Select a Dam Liner

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Look at the Durability of the Dam liner.

To achieve longer duration of water storage using dam liners, you need a stronger and more durable dam liner. A higher thickness level dam liner lasts longer than lower-level ones. In addition, UV treated dam liners such as HDPE dam liners are highly durable than other types.

Consider the Texture of your Liner.

Texture is the coarseness or smoothness of a liner. You can always tell the texture of a material by touching it with your hands. Consider smooth and hard dam liners to minimize friction and wear that can occur during handling and installation. Though it is rare for such tear cases to occur since dam liners are made from high strength and tensile materials.

Keep in mind the Intended Application

The reason or where you want to apply your dam liner is also a matter of concern because dam liner thicknesses have recommended uses.
For example, if you intend to use your dam liner for lining concrete tanks, you require a thickness level of 0.75mm or 1 mm because it requires a lot of welding. A dam can work with 0.5 or any other dam liner size depending on the water volume.

Best tips to Select a Dam Liner

Reveal the Shape of the Dam

Some shapes of a dam require a flexible dam liner to fit in it. Take the case of a rectangular dam with straight edges. On this case you can work with flexible and low-level thickness size that can be tucked in to fit the edges. You can also choose a thicker size that can be welded on the corners to fit.

Best Tips to Select Dam liner Prices in Kenya

Always pay attention to affordable prices while also considering the extent of the quality and longevity specifications of a Dam Liner.

Dam Liner SizeCost(KES)
0.3 mm150
0.5 mm230
0.75 mm340
1 mm450

Aqua Hub’s Prices for dam liners are among the most affordable in Kenya. We have all thickness sizes of dam liners; 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1 mm.

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Why Us.

The task of finding an appropriate dam liner is easier when you consider seeking help from expert dealers. Upon consulting us, you benefit from quality information and advice on the size, appropriate site to place your dam and the dam liner prices. Once we understand the liner that suits your needs, we can proceed to advise you on the liner to buy, make a quote for you and start business.

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